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"Hi everyone!


Since the middle of summer, we have worked on the Moonbots 2012 competition. It was a great challenge, we have really enjoyed working on it. We have been waiting for the results for a long time now. We were extremely happy when we found out we won. We want to say thanks to the organisers, the jury and the sponsors.


We also want to thanks to our supporters: our school that gave us place to work, our mentor Miss Ágota Lang, the GLXP team Puli Space and our team captain Márton Deák for the technical help, the Futura Scientific Center as the place for the live presentation and our family for the unlimited patience.


Congrats to the MoonBots teams, you did a really good job, especially the Runners Up teams, congratulation to the Incredibots, Apollo 19 and Titanium Springboks."  - HungaroBots




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