MoonBots 2012 Challenge

ln the beginning of 2012 summer we heard about the MoonBots 2012 Challenge from a member of the GLXP Team Puli Space, Márton Deák (who was our team captain during the competition) and decided to join the competition to test ourselves and push our limits. We got into Phase Two's thirty finalists out of 147 teams and 22 countries. In November we made our live presentation in the Futura Scientific Centre. Two weeks later the result was announced and we won the competition! In March 2013 we travelled to Hilo, Hawaii where we visited the Mauna Kea observatories and the lunar test field.





Odysseus Contest

In February 2013 we made a video essay for the Odysseus contest  about the future of the moon.






Rosetta's Comet Touchdown



In our school works a course in robotics where students build and program robots from a LEGO MINDSTORMS kit. We took part in the Hunveyor-Husar project with a Mars rover based on a rover model kit, of which the operating arms are built out of LEGO and controlled by an MINDSTORMS NXT computer. We saw the „Rosetta's Comet Touchdown” educational kit on the EPSC in September 2010. We agreed that we would also participate in testing the kit. It comes with a set of Interdisciplinary Activity Sheets and the proposed activities cover three areas: science, art/history and engineering. In this presentation we report in particular the activities of the LEGO building team.